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.A.S.A. – proven resource management and citizen services in Central and Southeastern Europe

For us at .A.S.A. our claim „Service for the Future“ is our mission. With our proven service quality and investment in clean technologies we secure quality of life for the present and future generations by minimizing environmental impact.

As a solid partner for municipalities and citizens we offer a wide range of citizen services thus we can contribute essentially to the living conditions in the cities and make them more comfortable.

All .A.S.A. solutions are based on a sustainable waste management. We see waste as a resource; from the moment of collection, through various treatment, with the goal to maximize the recycling and the recovery of the collected materials.

Our experience brings complex waste management systems to industrial, retail and commercial companies, and helps them to optimize their waste processes in their premises by outsourcing them to us.

.A.S.A. News

AWV Mürzverband has awarded .A.S.A. a waste paper...

AWV Mürzverband has awarded .A.S.A. a waste paper collection contract
As part of a new tender, .A.S.A. was awarded a...

Urban Infrastructure Insights 2015

Urban Infrastructure Insights 2015
Five year crunch point expected for urban...
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Facts & Figures

  • Over 1.300 trucks and special vehicles
  • Over 1,300.000 containers and bins
  • 60 collecting yards
  • 14 transfer stations
  • 27 sorting plants
  • 12 RDF (alternative fuels treatment) and/or splitting plants
  • 1 mechanical biological treatment plant
  • 22 composting, solidification and biodegradation plants
  • 28 landfills
  • 1 waste-to-energy-plant for household and commercial waste
  • 1 incineration facility for hazardous waste
  • 4,7 mil residents served
  • 4 mil t/a of waste processed
  • 8 countries
  • 84.000 municipal and entrepreneurial clients
  • Partner of 1.200 municipalities
  • 18 joint-ventures with municipalities
  • more than 0,5 mil t/a SRM handled
  • 689 GWh/a generated
Visit an .A.S.A. Sorting Plant
.A.S.A. Sorting Plant